Ku Klux Kuckold

Ku Klux Kuckold Ku Klux Kuckold
Ku Klux Kuckold @ SpringThomas.com
Hi Men and Girls! You’re entering my world! Hee hee…and today, what a world it is. Hey, can u guess the number one e-mail dream I receive? Yes…cuckolds. Guess what else? Ku Klux Cuckolds!! That’s right, you crazy pervs. I get to acquire THREE e-mails a day asking if some poor whiteboi with a 4 inch pee pee can come sit and check out me get rogered by two big-dicked brothers while wearing the outfit. For a lengthy time I resisted, but I lastly gave it this week. So, I take about Twenty three inches of darksome 10-Pounder whilst my Ku Klux Kuckold watches. Wow! I know I’m totally turning into a BCS when I *request* double vag! HA-HA-HA. Then, as a reward, I allowed him to blast my fast. Oh my, what a blast! 10 ropes – count them, 10!! – score direct hits to my cute face. One blast was so meaty it *bounced* off my cheek and splattered my forehead!!! Lad, I sure was a mess! I’m sure u studs wished u could blast me also, huh? Hee hee… XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXO – Spring.
Ku Klux Kuckold Ku Klux Kuckold
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