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The stress I cause my father acquire to be the reason this buck is hairless. I thought that skirt chaser was out looking for a job when he came home early to identify me with one of my favorite darksome males, Rico Beefy. It wasn’t so much that I was about to have sex but with a dark-skinned lad?! My father wouldn’t have any of that. I finally stood up to him after years of hearing his racist shit and laid down an ultimatum to him :You’re gonna observe me shag this darksome pecker or I’m with out your life. That man took a minute to make his decision but it was inevitable that my butt would soon be stamped with a "black owned" logo. Pappa sitting in torment as I worshipped that mighty dark-skinned cock which was just moments away from destroying my petite white vagina. It used to be taut but by the time he was done doing the deed it was gaping love not at all before. Dad has been piddled off ever since and can you blame him?

Laci Laine Laci Laine

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