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Lauren Phillips Lauren Phillips
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Our session opens this day with Cuckoldress Lauren Phillips in a craziest mood. She’s maddest coz her Bulls are on their way over, and this babe loves being screwed on clean furniture. Her serf, Fluffy, isn’t doing a satisfactory job. All that Lothario has to do is clean the damn furniture to her liking…and the worthless loser can not even do that correctly. Fluffy has his chastity device belted on, and it is electrified! That’s right…with the effortless turn of the dial, Female-dominant Lauren can send a wave of electricity str8 to his dunky ball sac! She’ll utilize this, of course, previous to her Bulls arrive…and once they’re there, Fluffy will be sent to his cage. This chap can check out, but they will be no jerking off for Fluffy this day! Lauren’s Bulls ravage her, also, taking all 3 of her holes whenever they please. The merely time Fluffy is released from his cage is to secure Lauren on her copulate couch as the Bulls take her arse and bawdy cleft at the same time. Oh yea…Fluffy will too clean the mess Lauren’s Bulls leave, too! Fluffy’s award for a job well done? More electricity to his puny pecker and balls!!

Lauren Phillips Lauren Phillips

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