Leah Lexington

Leah Lexington Leah Lexington
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It’s official! I’m pregnant! That’s right — I am a knocked up slut. And we all know I’m carrying a darksome man’s baby! Who’s? I don’t know! I mean I go through a list during this week’s update, and if you wish to e-mail me any names I might have skipped, go ahead. What news! I am knocked up by the Dark-skinned Ladies man! I am so lewd!! I cant await to tell everybody I know! Even my boyfriend! That fellow is white, and this chab pays my bills and takes me shopping and lets me please myself with the darksome skirt chaser. Now he’ll have another one to take care of! And why not convert another whore in my circle? Leah stops by, and when it’s all told and done, she’s converted, too! I mean that is exciting sufficient…but await. Over the next during the time that you’ll have to check out my tummy grow and grow! And I’ll be calling ’em all over, one at a time, to break the news! It is plan to be so much fun!!! You’re so favourable to be a member! XOXO — Ruthie

Leah Lexington Leah Lexington

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