Lexi Diamond

Lexi Diamond Lexi Diamond
Lexi Diamond @ WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack.com
Words can’t describe the outrage I have at my daughter, Lexi Diamond, when I came home from work to detect her doing bad things. Can you blame me? I work 40 hours a week plus overtime for an butthole boss so I can put a roof over her head solely to discover her messing around with one of those rapper looking fellows. I yelled at her and she came back at me with the revelation that watching her bonk this lad would be in my future. I scolded her but was paralyzed by fear once the greater than run of the mill dark boy stared me down. It was either receive my booty kicked or check out my little sweetie pie copulate him so I kept quiet and viewed as that guy violated her all over my furniture. Once it was over I shook my head and felt tears about to roll down my face. I had just realized she’s a little darksome weenie floozy much like her Mama but that’s some other story.

Lexi Diamond Lexi Diamond

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