Lizzie Tucker

Lizzie Tucker Lizzie Tucker
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Resident whipping lad, Chip, is back for a return engagement with failure. His inability to dom the art of picking up babes get to be due to the fact that the lack of bulge in his jeans…..and genes. Lizzie Tucker isn’t interested in his lame rap or that this chab bears a resemblance to a troll. Lizzie’s eyes are captivated on Byron Long who is seated just a not many feet away from her, or the length of his bigger than average darksome wang when vertical. His game trumps Chip’s and they’re soon making out while throwing Chip a bone in the form of allowing him to watch. Chip attains master Cuckold status as that fellow watches Byron succeed where this fellow failed:getting Lizzie to put out. Byron’s trouser snake barely fits inside Lizzie’s face hole since he is packing a dark-skinned cock that shares the same circumference of a fire hydrant. With Chip watching with envy Byron slips his darksome salami deep in her formerly-tight muff. Chip’s beating off doesn’t faze Lizzie as her birth canal expands to a size that she is ruined for all white men in the future. Her dip into the interracial sex pool solely comes to an end when her cookie overflows from a spunk pie that Chip happily cleans up.
Lizzie Tucker Lizzie Tucker
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