M.V.W.P. M.V.W.P.
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M.V.W.P…Most Worthwhile White Cookie! That’s me! 🙂 Hee hee…I’m such a dork. In any case, this week’s update is c-r-a-z-y…cause part of the craziness happened off-camera, so you will not even truly know about it. I receive zillions of e-mails from whiteboys, negroes, yella fellahs, and redskins, asking over and over to fuck me on film. So we bring in this fresh chap who e-mailed me, and guess what? No wood. So 4 hours and a dozen calls later, in comes Weed. He’s bad gazoo. And dude, did he rail me precious. Just love a runaway slave! (his words). Anyways, we had a total blast. Speaking of blast, that just what he did…all over my feet! And I just had a pedicure!! Oh well…I licked them clean! Oh, and inspect the outtake section this week! There is a nice 10 minute interview from yours truly! Tah-dah! Have joy lads, and until next week, hugs and kisses! Spring.
M.V.W.P. M.V.W.P.
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