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Maggie Green Maggie Green
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Corrections Officer Maggie Green has a bigger than typical problem on her hands…her step-son, Jake. Ever since Maggie married Jake’s dad, Jake has been a handful: fighting, stealing, horny and lewd behavior are just a hardly any of Jake’s specialties, and it’s even landed him in jail. In his step-mom Maggie’s jail! Quite honestly, Maggie would not even care, but she just identified out there is shit going down out in the prison yard, her step-son Jake is involved, and things might get ugly. Indeed ugly. Race riot ugly. So Maggie makes an arrangement with the warden to bring Jake in with two of the darksome guys who run the dark gang in prison. Maggie craves a truce. This babe wants her step-son left alone until he’s out on parole…and she’s ready to do soever that takes! Do we truly receive to tell u this babe offers up her throat and twat to the gang leaders? Or that her step-son Jake is too in trouble for being a pervert?! We think you know how this is going to end up!!
Maggie Green Maggie Green
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