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Marina Blue Marina Blue
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It was a great day in the hood and the white beauties were out in full power. I spotted this fine white ho as this babe was reading a book but that babe had no idea I was creepin’ up. We gotta talking when I detected out she’s in school and she was about to enroll in Interracial Sex 101 with me as her professor. I got her back to my pad and this babe got worried the minute this babe spotted my movie equipment. I had to keep telling her that those vids and images at not time end up on the Internet and that babe bought it! After some talking this babe pretty soon got bare and this babe felt up my kong-sized dark dig. She couldn’t even go balls unfathomable on my 10-Pounder so I worried if I could even fuck her. That doxy can self lubricate which made it easier for my dark jock to turn her white fur pie into dust. I was worried that my neighbors would call the cops since it sounded adore I was killing the wench. Her gorgeous little face made a priceless target for me to drop my black seed. I nearly feel guilty for posting this online but the shit is bangin!
Marina Blue Marina Blue
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