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Marina Maywood Marina Maywood
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I’m a sucker when it comes to my boyfriend being romantic with me. He’s brought me to the spot we 1st met at 3 years agone. This chab asked me what I wanted for our anniversary and I was stumped coz he’s given me so much already. That smooth operator suggested to live out my fantasy of banging some large dark lads as this lady-killer watched. I was stunned but then called his bluff and before you knew it I was in the midst of an interracial sex sandwich. I’ve no idea where he discovered these astronomical blacks cocks but I did not truly care since my cum-hole was getting a thrashing. This chab surprised me when he said that guy wanted to be my own personal cuckold so this guy could have the chance to eat some black cream no matter where it landed. That dude really went all out for me and his face hole was in a short time covered in black spunk proving that this chab likes me dearly but has issues that gent needs to work on.

Marina Maywood Marina Maywood

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