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Maxs Darksome Meat-Hammer Maxs Dark Meat-Hammer
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Congratulate fella’s, how are u doing this week? I am a little sad coz one of my turtles has parasites I think…I’m not sure, I’ve an appointment to take him to the turtle doctor the next day. Anyways, sufficient about me and my turtle, I know all you impure little pervs want to hear about my wicked doings with darksome bucks and have I got a TRULY nasty update this week. (this chab he) My ally Max stops over and gives me EXACTLY what I needed…his immense and gracious dark knob which I couldn’t receive sufficient of…just look at this scene and you will know EXACTLY what I mean…bye, watch you all next week and I’ll let u know what the turtle doctor says about my turtle. XOXO…Katie
Maxs Darksome Meat-Hammer Maxs Darksome Meat-Hammer
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