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Melanie Jayne Melanie Jayne
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Over 400 years of oppression and tyranny have hung over the dark race in a constant cloud of ache. The history of dark torture is well known but rarely rectified. Melanie Jayne’s priceless graces are well known and this babe is about to suggest herself up in hopes of improving race relations. This babe could easily make a donation to the black charity of her partiality. However, we’re about to donate litres and gallons of black goodness to the "Aid a White Bitch Engulf Dark-skinned Weenie Charity". She’s first got to drag her ass to each and each available dark schlong in the lineup. Her mouth was watering as that babe dined on numerous feet of dark weenie. The fact the she volunteered to strengthen her community’s relations brings a tear to this brothas eyes. This interracial blow group sex was a step in the right direction for the dark race.
Melanie Jayne Melanie Jayne
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