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Paisley Porter

Paisley Porter Paisley Porter
Paisley Porter @
Paisley Porter has put her foot down. Her Husband Epic has promised her an open relationship for years but always there is some excuse. So Paisley found herself a sleazy attorney who promised her an iron clad Cuckold Contract. Left with no option, Epic signs on the dotted line and off they are for home and for her needs to be met. Coming home to find two Big studly men she planned for, she dismisses her husband to the corner with a camera to record her adventure. Paisley has set goals for herself now, she is still new to Anal but wants this to be memorable for her first DP ever. After opening up her tender ass for a minute or two the men are quick to show her what it is to take two cocks at the same time, and finish the evening off with an anal creampie as well.

Paisley Porter Paisley Porter

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Kayley Gunner

Kayley Gunner Kayley Gunner
Kayley Gunner @
Mistress Kayley is going to set cuckold Fluffy straight. He has the audacity of begging her to fuck him. She lets him know his pathetic little penis is in chastity for a reason and needs a reminder of his place with a good beating. Once his little boy bottom is red she calls for the Men with real Big Cocks. Mazee and Coach enter to a good laugh at the cuckold’s expense, the natural reaction to someone so pathetic. Kayley is quick to shift her attention to the Cocks in front of her and is quickly on her knees with desire. Cuckie speaks and Kayley tells him to get over to show the difference and compare his pathetic penis with the Big Man’s cock that she desires. She fucks both cocks with a passion and squirts all over Mazee. The loads she requests for her feet and tits for her Cuckie to clean up and truly know his place
Kayley Gunner Kayley Gunner

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Dee Williams

Dee Williams Dee Williams
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Dees youthful 20 something spouse acquires off on hearing about her sexcapades. His favorites are the ones where shes with multiple men at one time. To be honest, these are some of Dees prefered memories as well. This babe asked him if they could make a sex memory with some fellows together and that gent didnt think that was for him. Dee figured if she couldnt receive him to join her, maybe this babe could receive him to observe her. So, during the time that this gent was at work this babe brought home three studs to fill her airtight. She patiently waited, dressed, stroking their darksome dongs, for her partner to come home. When that man did, he was more than glad to pull up a chair and observe his hot cougar wife get pounded by BBC. Dee is a very worthy wife truly.

Dee Williams Dee Williams

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Lily Lane

Lily Lane Lily Lane
Lily Lane @
Ever wanted to be cucked? Lily is a Peruvian princess and she urges no thing to do with your pinky jock. Shell unveil you exactly how that babe can’t live without to be screwed. By real males with 10+ inches of raging, rigid darksome cock. This is a specific one-on-one treat where Lily gives you her full attention and you’ve to be her cuckold. She will reveal you where she urges the BBC during the time that reminding you of your insignificant manhood. Shes been sleeping with other studs for years and since youve been such a worthy ladies man, shes lastly going to let you look at. So fetch out those tweezers and a magnifying glass and discover that splinter of a peg leg in your pants, coz right now, Lily wants you to join her during the time that this babe cums.
Lily Lane Lily Lane

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Lana Sharapova

Lana Sharapova Lana Sharapova
Lana Sharapova @
Lana is full of bad habits. She can’t appear to be to stop getting in bother. Recently shes been ditching her court-ordered community service. Her parole officer reveals up to warn her that this is her final chance. This babe had more magnificant straighten out or shes going back to jail next time. In the centre of their collision, Rico and Slim drop by sort of love the Kool Aid Ladies man. Theyre loud, unannounced, and just caused some major damage. When they avoid yelling about the bomb weed theyve brought for Lana, they notice Officer Marcelo. And now hes got some questions. Lana isnt 20 one yet, shes 20, which means she isnt legally supposed to have any weed in California. Which likewise means shes just violated her terms of probation. And her last chance at freedom. Officer Marcelo steps away to call some officers down and Lana, Skinny and Rico hatch a gonna keep her (and them) from all plan to jail. Lana intercepts his call and bring him back to the group. After giving a kiss Slim, this babe climbs on Officer Marcelos lap. Rico starts taking images and warns Officer Marcelo if this chab breathes one word about ’em to anyone that Rico will display Officer Marcelos boss the photos and say that that gent coercive them to have sex whilst this gent watched. That fellow pleads with Rico to stop and that he promises not to say everything. Lana takes one as well as the other bigger than standard jocks, one after another in her taut pink ass until shes gaping wide open. Just when Marcello thinks its all over, they have one final incriminating surprise in store!
Lana Sharapova Lana Sharapova

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Lisey Sweet

Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet
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Lisey makes her Dogfart first appearance and brings her real-life sexy wifing experience with it. Her partner is away and on a business travel and to surprise him, she makes a decision to bring in 2 stacked fellows to fill her holes at the same time. Its an usual late-night face time, the usual I miss yous then this fellow takes notice shes wearing lingerie. That babe starts giving him a show and in a short time that babe lets him in on a little secret. That fantasy hes been dying to have, the one where she screws two boyz in front of him? Its about to happen. She keeps her boyfriend close as the chaps get even closer, sliding their large dongs in and without her holes. They all take turns with her phone giving him all the unsurpassable angles of the act during the time that that fellow tells her Do soever they say baby. It finishes with 3 more surprises, two creampies and one youll just have to see for yourself.
Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet

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Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews
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Brittany Andrews makes her first IR comeback in over Twenty years just for Dogfart! This is her 3rd IR scene in history and we are please to have it. Brittany scored on Craigslist this day. Usually the dudes this babe goes after thinks shes nothing but a catfish and no brandish, but today that babe landed two long dicked men to come shag her in front of her well-paying cuck of a boyfriend. She assures the gentlemen hes got a mannequin fur pie for a weenie and is no threat at all. They have fun the money and the biggest mambos on the hawt blond so they arent likewise worried about the sniveling sack of skin shes standing on. Rico and Slender go balls deep in Brittanys booty, or her spouse aperture as that babe calls it, and after a hearty facial, they leave. Brittany allows her spouse to join her on the daybed. He licks her face and breasts clean adore a admirable puppy and that babe assures him this babe hasnt forgotten about his reward either. After taking a glob of the Craigslist strangers cum off her chin, that babe rubs it on the end of a lengthy darksome sex tool for lube and pops it right into her husbands gap. In her Dogfart initial appearance, Brittany Andrews being one of the industrys pegging pioneers, brings it to the Dogfart screen for the first time in Twenty 3 years of updates.
Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews

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Charley Chaplin

Charley Chaplin Charley Chaplin
Charley Chaplin @
Producer Indiana invited prospective client John over to go over the details of their deal pool side in his hilltop mansion. Indianas attractive wife and his top musician Charley, floats along topless in her biggest flamingo as the guys discuss investors. Neither can fully concentrate with her backbends into the water. Eventually Indiana jumps in the water to flaunt off his wife a bit. She’s into him, but her mind is elsewhere. Charleys gaze is fixed on John whose trunks are getting tighter and tighter. Trickling wet that babe saunters over to invite him in for a swallow. This babe pulls him into the guest bedroom where they the one and the other notice mid-fuck Indiana watching. This man doesnt seem angry so that babe calls to her partner. Charleys fantasy of finally getting screwed out of her mind comes true as her boyfriend rubs his adore toy betwixt his palms whilst some other dude dumps his massive load into her eager cum-hole. Life will by no means be the same for ’em afresh.
Charley Chaplin Charley Chaplin

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Brooklyn Look for And Karma Rx

Brooklyn Search And Karma Rx Brooklyn Seek And Karma Rx
Brooklyn Follow And Karma Rx @
Brooklyn has been married for a ages now. Married youthful, Manny had been the only woman chaser that babe had ever drilled until just lately when this babe started having the occasional gent over during the time that this chab was away on extended business trips. Latterly though, its gotten out of hand. Brooklyn confided in her majority astonishing ally Karma how insatiable for ramrod shes been lately. No matter how much Brooklyn acquires rogered shes missing one important thing: her hubby. Brooklyn would adore no thing more than to screw a scarcely any lads during the time that her spouse watches and feed him their loads, str8 from her dripping slit…
Brooklyn Chase And Karma Rx Brooklyn Look for And Karma Rx

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