Missy Maze

Missy Maze Missy Maze
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Missy Maze is the kind of wife that is ready to dive into any fantasy her spouse can imagine. When we meet up with them Missy’s lad is going into great detail about his like of being a cuckold and the addition of a big ,black wang would be the cherry on top. Flash Brown is shooting hoops when this fellow offers up his immeasurable dark-skinned jock for Missy’s consumption. There’s a ton of hesitation on Missy’s part but the sight of Flash’ monstrous darksome shlong quickly changes her mind. Missy allows her cuckold to view as that babe gulps down on her 1st dark-skinned cock. Hey boyfriend would normally acquire wood at this point but the chastity belt this chab has on won’t allow it. The smile on his face says it all as Missy’s nether region slips open for a dark-skinned bomber. The slamming of darksome testicles against that white gazoo is loud sufficient to break the sound barrier and Missy’s initial reluctance disappears love the darksome weenie inside her. Our cuckold watches in amazement as each inch of black weenie pleases the snatch that this Lothario by no means could….or ever will. Missy’s adore for her man not ever wanes as they lock lips whilst Flash does his injury from behind. "Cuckold Heaven" is reached when Missy’s hubby, Mr. Tiny, inhales the remnants of Flash’ ball sack explosion. Needless to say, Missy Maze and her husband now spend their weekends prowling for her next dark-skinned meat dinner.
Missy Maze Missy Maze
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