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Monica Mayhem Monica Mayhem
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I thought Australian fellows were worthless but this American’s laziness made me open my eyes a bit further. My personal cuckold can not even keep my abode in dictate. No amount of yelling at him can have him shed white man’s disease of being totally useless. Perhaps the costume I was wearing distracted him since my long, milky white legs were showing and he has the appearance of the kind of white boy who couldn’t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. After some humiliation Sean Michaels joined in on the mockery of my geriatric cuckold. I have always been starved in the interracial sex department so I took this chance to show my cuckold exactly why this buck was as sub-human as I constantly say. Sean’s stiff dark schlong shoved through his jeans and after admiring it I placed it firmly in my face hole. I can usually breath through my mouth when it’s stuffed with a wang but that is always been with white lads who lack in the trousers. Sean bent me over and plowed my white wet crack as his nuts slapped against my throbbing clit. I also rode this hung darksome stallion and I wasted none of his 12 inches as this man went unfathomable inside. I am still quaking from the multiple orgasms this woman chaser gave me and made sure his landed on the consummate target: My cuckold’s balding head.

Monica Mayhem Monica Mayhem

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