My Birthday Present

My Birthday Present My Birthday Present
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Greetings Lads and Cuties and Niggahs and boyfrend BCS’s and white bois with pathetic litte pee-pees! It is SpringTime! Hey, you might (or might not) know it was lately my birthday! Yippeee!! I got some actually cool things, too. My pal Sophia gave me an iPod. I got lots of nifty things from my roomie. And great e-mails from some of my beloved members! But there was one final surprise for me, and it came in the form of 15 inches…15 inches of black meat-thermometer! That is right everyone, this chab is back for a Third time, and 3 times is a charm, as they say! Mandingo! Can you name a more worthy birthday present for a BCS than Mr. Mandingo?! He is so ravishing, and such a great bonk, I mean this chab is one of my all-time favs! And the foremost part? No, not the rigid pounding this chab gave my taut pink snatch; not the 15 inches that lady-killer attempted to stuff down my mouth; nope, not even the king-sized load this chab dumped in my throat…try having Mandingo sing cheerful birthday to u! Yippppeee! I know, I know…I’m such a geek. HAHAHAHAHAH. Tah-tah all! And enjoy!
My Birthday Present My Birthday Present
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