My Return

My Return My Return
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Greetings Lads and Cuties! Yeppy yeppy yep yep! It is ME! I’m BACK! And no, to all the haters out there, this was not a "publicity stunt". I was insane! I wanted that shower time to be my shower time!! And yea, they lastly apologized, and they made me cheerful, and anyway, I can not have any pleasure withouth my members in my life! And to prove how pleased I’m to be back, I take on three dudes for your pleasure. Wesley Pipes u know. He’s an aged ally. And then there is Rico Beefy. U boys met him a dunky in number weeks ago. And today’s new petticoat chaser is Country! Those negroes went to town not quite just now, stretching my constricted vagina loose. 2 dicks in my wet crack was insane! And then they stick one up my gazoo while one’s in my snatch. Then there is one in my face hole! I’m a true THREE input angel! Hee hee. Anyway, they make a terrible mess all over me. I suppose I had to shower for like 3 hours to clean it all off. A-N-Yways, I am so pleased to be back! I’ll be around for a lengthy time, also! Yippee!!! XOXOXO – Spring
My Return My Return
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