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Nikki Benz Nikki Benz
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Poor Isiah Maxwell. His girlfriend just dumped him. That babe felt Isiah was a little "too freaky" in the sheets, and this babe did not adore the fact that Isiah would ask her to perform a bit of arse. Thank goodness Isiah has a great friend in Nikki Benz. They’ve been platonic friends practically forever, although if you asked Isiah’s ex, well…she always felt Isiah was fucking Nikki. When Isiah tells Nikki this, the floodgates open, and it’s on. What starts as a amiable hug turns into passionate giving a kiss. Pretty soon Isiah’s eating pussy, and Nikki’s returning the favor. What stops Nikki from giving up the cunt? Absolutely no thing. What stops Nikki from giving up her tight butthole? Totally no thing. When this is all said and done, Nikki’s face is overspread in Isiah’s warm man juice, and they come to a mutual understanding: shag buddies!
Nikki Benz Nikki Benz
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