Niko, Bam & Slim

Niko, Bam & Slim Niko, Bam & Slim
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Lad, am I a naughty hotty this week. In fact, I dunno how those insane bro’s talk me into doing some of this shit!! LOL. This week’s update is no exception! Some of us Southern gals have a secret saying…after we have been with a colored lady-killer, we refer to the experience as being "blackened". U know…like when u enter order blackened catfish at a restaurant…well, this week THREE niggaz blackened me good: Niko, Slim, and his homie Bam Bam. These lads add up to not quite Thirty inches of dark-skinned meat, and I devour every inch this week. In fact, look closely at this scene…these 3 niggaz blow 4 loads: one on the bench (I lick it all up adore a worthy dark-skinned rod wench) one on my tummy, one in my tight cum-hole (I scoop out as much as I can and eat that) and one all over my braces. This is, certainly, right after another ass session (gawd does Niko tear my ass up this week! I don’t think I pooped right for a week…hee hee). What a day! What an update! Gosh I love this shit! HAHA. Relish!
Niko, Bam & Slim Niko, Bam & Slim
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