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My partner is *such* a sweetie! I mean I really luv him. Guess what that lady-killer did for me? Well, I was texting some pals when Ace rang. Ace, being a darksome gent, was feeling anxious for my taut white hole, and when they’re anxious, there’s no holding ’em back. Acquire this – Ace wanted me to put him on speaker phone so my husband could listen…and then he told my partner to make me pretty for him. Ace told my boyfriend what kind of look this chab wanted, and my partner complied! (Of course!) My hubby did such a valuable job of making me look pretty for Ace. This buck did my make-up and hair, and this chap painted my toes and fingernails, and he made sure I looked my majority jaw-dropping for my darksome weenie! Ace was so glad, and that made me pleased, and that made my gent glad! We’re all happy! You will be, likewise, when you view what happens when Ace has his way with me. XOXOX – Spring
Prep Me For My Darksome Dick Prep Me For My Dark-skinned Dick
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