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Priya Price Priya Price
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Inmate #1427 — Priya Price — is a real handful. Demanding. If she’s not yelling for the guard about food, she’s yelling about blankets. If not blankets, she’s screaming about the latrine. A real pang in the ass. Prison Guard Strokes has been eyeing Price’s enormous mammaries through all her ranting and raving, and now he’s about to take some action. BJ action. Right through the cell’s bars! And what if Warden Deen were to appear? Well, in this prison, there’re no rules, and the Warden is amorous. Before long, the action’s in the cell, where Guard Strokes and Warden Deen take turns pummeling Price’s juicy face hole and constricted wet crack previous to unloading all over her glamorous face. With that all told and done, now they’ll listen to the inmate’s complaints.
Priya Price Priya Price
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