Revenge Of The Cuckold

Revenge Of The Cuckold Revenge Of The Cuckold
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Well Bois and Gals, I dunno how to describe this scene, or what to even say. Well, that is a lie. I know how to do both. A silly whiteboi came to set, and that charmer was packing about 4 inches of gent meat – when it was totally rigid – and he observed me pleasure myself with about 11 inches of black dong. In betwixt screw sessions the whiteboi cleaned my pussy with his tounge and prepped it for the next position. I’m sure this chap tasted some shlong, too. Then this chap served me as a lube boi, properly lubricating my inflated vagina to acomodate all that knob, cause indeed, even though my love tunnel was juicy, I still needed a little aid, and Lube Boi was there to put lube on my big shlong and my aching puss. Wow did I receive stretched out!!! So in any case, as a specific treat I allowed my cuckold to beat his dunky meat whilst I observed, and lo and behold this gent truly had a mountainous load, which doesn’t surprise me at all, since tiny-dicked fatso whitebois hardly ever get laid. Anyway, as you can see by scene’s end, I am not a happy camper…not one bit. I think I got a taste of my own medicine, so to speak. But I figured u boyz would like it, and since I love my members, here it is, my gift to u. XOXOXOXOX – Spring
Revenge Of The Cuckold Revenge Of The Cuckold
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