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You know why Savannah Stern makes a great update this week? Cause my pal Spring Thomas 1st introduced her to black jock about a year and a half agone, and just as the mature cliche goes, one time u go darksome, u not at any time go back. This babe did not either! I mean you can pay to shag her if you’re a white chap, I suppose, but if you are a darksome buck, you’re getting It for free! I hear this babe even lives with a stylish darksome guy now. Today a boy who calls himself Sledgehammer pounded us one as well as the other, just love the tool he’s named after. Look how stretched out I was! I can not make almost certainly of I didn’t rip in two! HAHAHA. Savannah’s such a BCS and a Size Queen, well, let’s just put it love this: there were no worries about her! XOXO – Ruthie.

Savannah Savannah

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