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Serena Marcus Serena Marcus
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My white boyfriends usefulness is charming much limited to paying my bills and making me look marvelous for my meetings with black ramrod. This fellow has the white man’s curse which means this fellow merely acquires unbending when golf is on TV or looking through his stock portfolio. I keep him around ‘cuz I like having an audience much love this day when Tone, Cuntree, and Jason Brown treat me love a rag doll. I wanted him to watch 1st hand how us darksome pecker harlots need that plump dark 10-Pounder in command to function. I made him view as those three bucks . I had 360 degrees of dark-skinned penis around me and I was adore a starving floozy at a darksome dong buffet. My boyfriend’s ears not quite busted as I was screaming from a pussy beating that I didn’t want to end. I have always been an interracial weenie mouthing machine and now that lady-killer knows that. I didn’t realize I was go out with a cuckold but the confirmation was there one time this chab started dining on the dark-skinned sperm explosions my bulls left all over me. I’m counting down the days until I dump his pathetic cracker arse!

Serena Marcus Serena Marcus

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