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Silvio And Shane Silvio And Shane
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This week’s dark ding-dong training session equals Twenty two inches or so…hee hee. And what a bonkers place! We found this humongous room where this kooky white dude has a *giant* toy train setup, one of the very finest in Georgia…or anywhere in the Great South, for that matter. It’s actually more than a train set…it’s love a little town! There’s even little people in around the trains…even *Negros*! (We decided the negros do *all* the work in the miniature town whilst the whites just relish life…LOL) The dude who let’s shoot at his house loved the idea we use his train room and acquire this — this chab was a *total* perv, also! Whilst the black men were rogering me silly, he sitting in the back, with his tiny white pee pee in his hands, whacking it adore a monkey in the zoo! After I endevoured my hardest to receive these 2 monster dongs down my mouth, they took turns screwing the shit outta my little white twat! Those niggahs went bonkers! Then Silvio decided it was time to jam it up my caboose! Hee hee. Thank GAWD for all the anal training! Even though Silvio’s got a 10 incher, I was adept to handle it for a bit…until it lastly took my breath away. And what these 2 c-r-a-z-y nigggahs did to me at the end should be outlawed…and I wager it’s in some places!!! I mean, I am coated, and my arsehole was with out commission for *at least* 72 hours! Oh WOW!!! And here’s the superlatively admirable part…after the niggahs railed me, Whitey wanted to lick me clean…and that that man did…off camera! 😉
Silvio And Shane Silvio And Shane
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