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Sophie Dee Sophie Dee
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It’s always interesting to cum exchange. It’s always interesting to cum swap with some other darksome rod bitch. In this case, it’s Sophie Dee. It is always interesting to cum exchange in a smutty place. In this case, it is an adult bookstore! Specifically in a place called a "gloryhole". Ah, the gloryhole…myth or fact? Well, ever been in a indecent place and had to make a number TWO? So you go into the stall and notice there is been holes rogered in the stall wall? It’s a G L O R Y H O L E! Ever go to an adult bookstore and watched one? Yes, you’ve, so yep, you know they’re real…wait till u watch what me and Sophie do this weekend. It’s sick. Pure and utter filth. Real depravity. I mean neither of us were raised love this. 🙂 XOXO – Ruthie.

Sophie Dee Sophie Dee

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