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I was soooo bad this week I can not even indeed receive into it here. Well, I can tell u this…I was engaged. It was a short time, and this dark ramrod training session was right in the centre of it all the *drama* The whole time I was engaged it was very unusual. Watch, I keep my dark men in the closet, so to speak. No one truly knows about ’em. And when I got an e-mail from Studhorse, right after I hit him up in the "WhtGirl_Blkmen" chatroom, I had to answer and meet him…whether I was engaged or not. Watch, Stallion guaranteed me in the e-mail that his darksome jock was fatter than just about any I had seen, so I had to take him up on the offer. I said him my cameraman would be there, and that did not a predicament Stud-horse one bit. When he showed up, and I brushed up against the inflexible rod in his shorts…and I felt it…I knew he wasn’t lying. My fiance went right out of my mind, and the next thing I knew I was Stallion’s serf, and under his dictate for as long as this gent craved. When this chab starting hitting it, he came nearly immediately…but that was his plan. Like almost all darksome fellows, Studhorse has total control over when that Lothario cums and how much, so he decided it was time to let me smack a bit of his darksome seed. Oh boy…did I receive a taste! I just about drowned in it all! But this chab wasn’t done. His 10-Pounder stayed unbending, and out of losing a beat, that petticoat chaser flipped me over and continued to make me worship his thick black manhood. I can not make no doubt of that lady-killer got that fatso 10-Pounder up my a-hole…but this chab did. That Lothario commanded it. This chab even choked me out a bit, making my eyes roll up into the back of my head…crazy! His second load was as thick and creamy as his first, and…to tell u the truth…after my cameraman left this chab filled me up with TWO more loads. 4! In one night! As merely a dark ladies man can!!!
Stallion Stallion
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