Straight To The A-Train

Straight To The A-Train Straight To The A-Train
Straight To The A-Train @
After Stud-horse had his way with me one time, this chab decided he owned me for a spell, and I had no choice but to heed to his each dictate. And when this chab was a kid, this chab observed a show on TV that had a Genie on it…so sure sufficient, I became his Genie. This charmer dragged me over to his pal A-Train’s crib and showed me off. This chab made it very clear I was to satisfy A-Train in in any case demanded. Remember, the niggahs share, and that is exactly what happened here. I showed A-Train some of my blow job skills, then I banged the niggah naive…so inexperienced that guy shot a wad all over my leg! Eager niggah! That dude should know where the load goes…and it ain’t all over my leg! After that, though, things got a little with out hand. I guess this can be considered a first, cause while A-Train was up my gazoo, Stud-horse was hitting my wet crack! Ouch! Hurts soooo admirable. I suppose had 3 orgasms whilst these two niggahs pumped away. Then, for an end treat, A-Train blew his second nut down my throat whilst Studhorse did the same. It musta gone down the wrong pipe, cause it made me gag! Gagging on dark-skinned seed…I suppose a cutie could do worse! Hee hee!!! Have fun!
Straight To The A-Train Straight To The A-Train
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