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My ally ,Summer Storm, has jungle fever. Unlike other diseases it’s one u wish to have since the only remedy for it is the fattest dark-skinned ramrods around. I took her to see my own doctor and it was no time until this chab pushed his meat thermometer down her throat followed by mine. He took advantage of his medical degree by having us take turns trying to extract the gooey medicine in his balls.However, that would take the work of our juicy wet cracks to do and she Summer Storm’s days of rogering with white lads came to an end the moment the wonderful doctor went balls deep into her birth canal. I was hoping he would dump his cum deep inside her so in the future my dark baby would have a playfriend. It looked like that babe was having a seizure cuz her body didn’t avoid quaking and I was next to take a ride on his baby-making machine. Summer Storm is now addicted to interracial porn, fried chicken, watermelon, and it is all my fault ‘coz I knew the cure for her jungle fever.

Summer Storm Summer Storm

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