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Um…yea. Welcome back to Spring World — — and I gotta tell ya, I’m not also pleased about this update. I was staying at this house in LA while working with Jamal and his workers. Tons of people would come and go, and there was this one naive niggah named Sunshine who would always eye me when I was walking around in my pj’s, or when I was in the shower she would just burst in without knocking or anything. Once this babe barged into the washroom during the time that I was peeing! *GROSS* Besides, I suppose that babe had a crush on me, cause the next thing u know she’s asking to share a bed with me at night and all that. So, being the nice goddess I’m, I let her sleep with me, and the next thing you know, this kooky african-american thinks that babe owns me. Next thing I know, I am fastened and gagged and getting smothered in negro beaver. And my poor chocolate hole got probed and shoved until it was nearly loose, and I ended up tongueing so much niggah gazoo I tasted brown for days afterward. EEEeeeww! Furthermore, my cameraman caught some of the action, so here u go. Just do not tell anyone, ok? Thank you. XOXOXO — Spring
Sunshine Sunshine
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