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T Reel T Reel
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Meet T Reel. He’s a barmy brother. I met him at some lap dancing club, really late at night. I was with my sister, and T Reel wanted to copulate my sister, but I stole him away from her. That is okay, cause u will hear him say I am more valuable looking in any case. I hope that’s true. There are plenty of things I am more worthy at than my sister. I suck darksome pecker dick more wondrous, I copulate darksome knobs more valuable, I take dark cum to my face more excellent… I can go on and on. So I felt like I had something to prove to T Reel. I guess I did a worthwhile job with it too. I’m a little darksome wang floozy aren’t I? I hope u have enjoyment this set! XOXO – Katie Thomas 🙂
T Reel T Reel
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