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Oh boy oh boy…was I a *naughty* angel this weekend. I mean N-A-U-G-H-T-Y! I was cheering at a local game – it was one of those 3 gent basketball pick-up tournaments. ANYways, I wandered into the men’s locker room – thinking it was the women’s locker room OF COURSE – and then, when I realized where I was, I just about lost my mind! Oh, the scent of Negro!! I identified a sweaty uniform and started sniffing it, and the next thing I knew, I was playing with myself. Then…the guys came in. A whole team. I mean I tried to run and hide, but they found me. The next thing I know I am on my knees and there is close to 30 inches of dark dick looking for a way into all my gorgeous holes. Stud did those dudes have their way with me! It got NUTTY. One minute I am mouthing large dark-skinned meat-thermometer, the next minute we’re spitting and slapping every other! Then guess what those filthy darksome men did – they put 2 weenies in my throat – at THE SAME TIME! They made me shriek nasty things. They took turns. And after they ravage my pussy, each of them unload a stream of dark seed directly into my throat. It truly ended up all over me. Whew! It even takes my breath away to write about it now! Anyway, Enjoy!! I know I did…XOXOXO – Spring
The Ballers The Ballers
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