The Comic Guys

The Comic Guys The Comic Guys
The Comic Boys @
Each one time in a whilst a member will send an e-mail asking to be part of a shoot. We always turn these sorts of suggests down, but this time, the e-mail was sooo pathetic we decided to watch what was up. Watch, I kept getting those e-mails from these 2 boys calling themselves the "Comic Guys". And they sounded so nerdy I couldn’t make almost certainly of they were darksome. I mean whoever heard of a niggah reading a comic book? Almost all niggahs are very built, and they’re meaty, and they run fast and do those sorts of things…they don’t read comics! Except those 2 corny niggahs! Sure sufficient, we met up with ’em, and sure enough, they were darksome. I drilled the shit outta one as well as the other of them, and they were fine sufficient…I guess. They need to receive laid more! I mean the amount of dark-skinned seed these two brothas laid on my face was sufficient to gag a horse! Hee hee…so I suppose it wasn’t all bad. Even though the Comic Boyz were really the Comic Geeks, they did me right…like after sex with all dark-skinned guys, my little white cootch was sore and fatigued…a great workout if I say so!!!
The Comic Guys The Comic Guys
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