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This week’s update is very special. It features two fresh people on my site: John E. Depth and The Cuckhold. Not much to say about John — this chab is your average brotha packin’ close to 13 inches. The Cuckhold is normal, too: this chab is a white boy packin’ close to 6 inches with an uncontrollable want to eat my vagina after a darksome man’s load has been deposited deep inside me. (Indeed, John, adore almost any strong darksome chaps, was worthwhile for TWO loads during this shoot…one *in* me, and one *on* me!) The Cuckhold was admirable sufficient to clean me out after John was done working his magic. Then, like a admirable cuckhold, he went back to his cage where I allowed him to beat his little white pee-pee until a diminutive amount of cum dribbled out. How pathetic! Well males, until next week, Spring. XOXOXOXOXOX
The Cuckhold The Cuckhold
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