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The Cuckold Bolts The Cuckold Bolts
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Congratulate Guys and cuties! It is one more crazy week at my website, and honestly, this may be one of the nuttiest updates ever! Why, u ask? Well, I mean it is kooky any time a white fellow volunteers up to a little humiliation…but this went a little also far. Watch, this member has been e-mailing me love 1000 times a day to be on my site, and finally I said yes. So this chab flys all the way to Atltanta, spends money on a hotel, and we acquire him to the studio and he is all nervous and all, so we put him in the whiteboy box, and the next thing you know, this chab bolts! I’m serious! About 1/2 throughout my pounding by Dark Meat-thermometer, that dude begins yelling and screaming about how he is a "human being" and all, and then that lady-killer run away! HAHA! This is the truth! I swear! So what do I do? Well, I had my dark knob bonk my brains out, then I sent him home, likewise! I just licked all his dark seed up previous to I let him go! YUM…well, maybe my next cuckboy won’t puss out! XOXO – Spring
The Cuckold Bolts The Cuckold Bolts
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