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The Frenchman The Frenchman
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Bon Jour my friends! It’s Monday, and it is time to reveal off what a wicked beauty I’ve been recently. Everyone say greetings to my Frenchman, Jean Claude. It’s humorous, cause until I met him, I had no idea any colored fellahs existed in France. I know there’s a lot in Africa, and there is almost as many here…but France? Puh-lease. Moreover, Jean Claude indeed tears into me this week. I mean one minute we’re in a ardent kiss, and the next he’s got me bent over a chair, and his foot is smooshing my head! And he *loved* to make me gag on his 9 1/2 inch dark oui oui :~)….I’m so stupid. Oui Oui! Oh, after he dumped about a gallon of darksome seed all over my face, this chab bent me over and started at it anew! This time off digital camera, of course. Leave it to a beefy black dude to unload his nut, keep hard, and then do it another time! Have joy! I know I did! XOXO – Spring
The Frenchman The Frenchman
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