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It’s Monday. It’s almost March. I cant even make almost certainly of it! Spring Break is not quite here! Yippeee! I think I am intend to South Padre Island this year. No, maybe Cancun! I dunno!! My head’s spinning with Spring Fever! It is likewise spinning with Darksome Fever, but you males already know that. Await till you see this week’s update. After a hot dildo session, I meet up with the nastiest niggah on the block. He’s a hard-hittin’ ghetto thug named Bishop, and trust me, this is one fellow you white boys would not wanna meet in a dark-skinned alley! Anyways…even though this chab barely meets my size requirement (at 8" he’s the smallest schlong I have handled in a *long* time) that dude makes up for it with pure excitment! I mean this colored fellah pounded the livin’ daylights outta me. And the ending was a cheerful one, if u know what I mean…*really* happy: Bishop sprayed me down like a firehose! I mean it went everywhere — over my shoulder, all over my pointer sisters, in my hair…my tummy’s a total gene pool, and even my enjoyable twat was running with dark seed. Oh petticoat chaser! Explosive, to say the least! ;~) Hee hee…have fun! Adore, Spring.
The Ghetto Thug The Ghetto Thug
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