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It is me, it’s me, it’sme it’sme it is ME! Hello Everyone! Greetings to all the average-dicked mean white dudes who love to send me execrate mail…hi to all the teeny-dicked white bois who send me fan mail, and a LARGE hi to all the wives out there with commonplace to tiny dicked hubbies (and boyfriends) who send me all the support e-mails! I hear ya, girlfriend! 🙂 Hey, does everyone remember that inexperienced shower scene? The one I had my knickers all bunched up over? Well, this is the lad who rogered me in the shower! his name is Jason. I guess I am going to marry him. Not solely does he have a double-digit ding-dong, he’s smart! WOW! Ladies man does this gent give me a mighty wonderful fuck session this day. I loved each second! U can always tell I love it when my eyes roll into the back of my head…that’s the secret boys. Make her eyes roll, and u got it! ; – ) XOXOXOXoxoxoxox Spring
The Kitchen The Kitchen
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