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The Lap Dancers The Lap Dancers
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Hi Fellows! I’ve a funny story for u all…and it’s *real* – we were going to shoot a scene with this negro, and I guess at the last minute this fellow chickened out. Oh well. So with our room set up and no one there, we decided to call a pair ESCORTS right without the yellow pages! Hee hee. It’s so batty! We had to make a entire bunch of calls, cause lots of the beauties did not wish their faces on the internet, and lots of the beauties were whiteys. But we identified two super babes, Cutie and Stacy, and they came right over to give me a lap dance! We decided previous to we shot the scene to begin with a sexy dance and then "see what happens from there"…and boy it got really hawt in no time! Darksome cuties have butts that just don’t prevent, and during my hot dance, I thought I was going to jism my panties! When u boys go to a undress joint and acquire a gogo dance from a dark-skinned girl, how do u NOT make a mess in your tighty-whiteys? HAHA. White fellows and their tighty-whiteys…HAHAHA. Oh well. I still luv ya all! XOXO – Spring
The Lap Dancers The Lap Dancers
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