The Lost Update

The Lost Update The Lost Update
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Greetings Lads & Girls! I have got a laughable story for you! My minions were working very hard last week, figuring out which hawt scene to reveal you for this week’s update, when one of them stumbled upon a scene that was discharged a long, lengthy time agone! How fun!! We forgot it even existed! I was still barely-legal, and my braces had *just* come off. It’s solely the second time I was with Boz, and as you can see from the scene, I had a *very* hard time taking all 13 inches of that bigger than typical dark meat-thermometer. Jada too dropped by for some pleasure, also! It’s joy to view this scene cause at that time I was not truly handling immense jock love I can now! And observe my golden-haired hair!! Wow! This scene brings back tons of memories…hot ones! I hope you bucks like it as much as I do!! XOXO – Spring
The Lost Update The Lost Update
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