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What’s the topmost way to keep your members cheerful? Well, the *best* way I can think of is to bonk ’em! Hee hee…but solely my dark members. And only the ones with 8 inches or more. That is what happens this week! Oh…by the way…Welcome to Spring World! 😉 So anyways…I’ve got this one member who probably sent me 1 million e-mails begging for my taut pink cunt. He bragged about his dark wang, and what this chap could do with it, and how much man-juice his overweight balls produced…so, what’s a BCS to do except give him a try-out? And try me out did DID! Whoa…he’s not quite as worthy as any porno chap I have done for my web site! What a blast! Oh, and blast this chab did…all over my face! That petticoat chaser sure was right about these larger than standard darksome balls of his. I mean that smooth operator musta dumped a gallon of ball batter all over me! Whew! So, lemme know what you boyz think, OKAY? Oh, and if u think u have what it takes to join me for some joy, e-mail away! Hee hee…XOXO – Spring
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