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This week’s update is embarrassing, to say the least! I mean, I’m *so* sure. I was envisaging in the hotel room for my niggahs Aries and Slight to flaunt up, and to tell u the truth, I was very amorous. Watch, I had only met Slender a few hours earlier in the parking lot, and I could tell, just by looking at him, that this chab was *hung*. This comes from years of sizing up boyz…I do it two ways, really: the size of your hands, and how tall *and* skinny u are! Well, Slim has ONE AS WELL AS THE OTHER big hands and is tall AND slim! Now, add in what I call the "negro factor" (2 – 4 inches usually) and it’s BONUS TIME! Well, those 2 colored boys busted in on my getting "ready" for my scene (wink, wink) and we just went right at it. Aries is a solid 8"…so when I whipped out Slim’s 11 inch package, my teen eyes just about exploded right out of their sockets! Hee hee! And the creaming those two niggahs gave me put me right into Darksome Heaven! Have joy!!
The Negro Factor The Negro Factor
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