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It was about a week before Halloween when I was to recieve my very 1st training in taking on more than one darksome weenie. I had by no means done such a thing before, and to be honest, I was a bit nervous. My parents were out of town, so that was a admirable thing. I was laying around bored when 2 guys clothed like monsters knocked on my door looking for Halloween candy! What the hell! I told them Halloween wasn’t till next week, but that did not matter…all they wanted was something sweet. I gave ’em candy, but they wanted more. My black dick training session was coming up in a short time…why not make it now and take on those 2 strangers? All I had to do was expose them my a-hole and they about lost their minds! After it was all told and done, my tutor said me I did an *excellent job* engulfing greater than standard dark rod (in this case, nearly 22 inches worth) and a *really astonishing job* at mouthing darksome feet. However, I acquire to work on accepting black cum more readily…like opening my throat much wider when it sprays out…and taking dark pecker in my constricted little wazoo — which might be tough, since every single one that makes it on to my web site *has* to be 8 inches or more excellent. Oh well, I’m not flawless yet. But just you await 😉 XOXOXOXOX Spring.
The Spooks The Spooks
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