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Greetings Everybody! Welcome back, and I would like to introduce you to my fresh husband. I call him Whiteboy. That lady-killer is so precious. Sometimes this chab is kinda annoying, but what Whiteboy isn’t? This chab is likewise hung adore almost any Whiteboys — five and a half inches on a very valuable day. Well, one day a birdie landed on my shoulder and whispered into my ear a very secret place. In this secret place is a thing called a Gloryhole. If u don’t know what a gloryhole is, well…you’ll just need to join my web resource and investigate! 😉 This gloryhole is in a colored part of city, and tons of negros know about it. So I go there a lot. I don’t know the fellows I entertain when I am there, but that is no biggie. For this week’s update I dragged Whiteboy along with me to view as I please two anonymous negros. I let Whiteboy touch my marangos for 5 complete seconds whilst we were in there, and at the end, I allow Whiteboy to please himself against the Gloryhole wall! It was nice-looking laughable watching him jack off that slight meat, but that charmer was so priceless this skirt chaser deserved at least that. What fun! Until next week — XOXOXO — Spring PS: Me and Whiteboy broke up yesterday…wanna be my next BF? 🙂
The Whiteboy The Whiteboy
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