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My soon to be ex-hubby ruined my COMPUTER by looking at internet porn. He got a virus in it and the PC repairman was quite pricey. He’s broke and couldn’t afford the job so I stepped in to save his gazoo from a thug beating. After rencounter the repairman I decided that destroying my boyfriend’s ego while rogering that studly darksome ladies man would encourage him to receive a job. 1st, we had to acquire a chastity belt for the twat to wear as mine was getting pulverized. Mouthing my wet crack juices off of Shane’s big dark strapon was the almost any nice dessert I’ve ever had. My guy watching it all was the icing on the cake. Shane would screw me and we’d prevent to make pleasure of my man’s "shortcomings", ha-ha-ha. This stud was totally powerless as my vulva was getting ripped apart but in a fine way. I took that big darksome ramrod from the top, bottom, the side, and even doggy style with that loser having an up close look. A darksome man cream pie was on today’s menu with my loser hubby on cleanup duty. Doesn’t he look great with darksome goo on his face? I’ve the worst luck in picking white men.

Tommie Ryden Tommie Ryden

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