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Tori Lux Tori Lux
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The white skirt chaser denied us the promised Fourty acres and a mule. Hundreds of years of disrespect and humiliation brings us to this afternoon’s rencounter. The line of white girls wanting to right the wrongs can be observed from the rooftops of Compton, CA. Tori Lux came to our weekly collision coz she seems to be one of the scarcely any white devils with a heart of gold. However, it would not be her heart we were after. She wore an outfit that wouldn’t be permitted in the local Baptist Church but that merely made the pack of brotha’s that much happier. That babe was overspread with tattoos from her neck to the great gazoo she carried around. After a brief sermon we took turns stuffing multiple black jocks down her throat. She went down the line of pissed of ebony rhinos while doing what she did best: suck humongous black dicks. The makeup on her face eventually formed into a pool right beneath her and we all lined up to hose her face down with each drop of darksome glue we could offer.
Tori Lux Tori Lux
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