Train My Butt Part I

Train My Arse Part I Train My A-hole Part I
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Greetings Dudes and Gals! You know what Monday means at Springworld…a brand fresh update! And I guess at least some of you’re plan to love what goes down this week. Watch, I had my friend Jada bring her ally Lacey to a sleep-over. U know how beauties love to talk on a girl’s night, and that is exactly what happened…but during our night lengthy chat session, I made the mistake of saying my gazoo was very taut and I indeed do not like anything in my wazoo. Very bad. Why? Previous to I knew it, those two nutty colored cuties had me hogtied and stripped! And in advance of I could resist, they were giving my twat and butt a workout. Jada kept trying to acquire my booty to "gape" (whatever that is supposed to mean) and my cookie to "talk". Oh buck! What’s a hotty to do…except submit? Hee hee…oh, and Jada’s talk with me indeed helped for my soon-to-be update, Train My Butt TWO…when my ally Weed stops by to do no thing but my ass…from commence to finish! Oh my!! I’m trying, my anal-loving members, I am trying!! XOXO – Spring
Train My Booty Part I Train My Gazoo Part I
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