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Trina Michaels Trina Michaels
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In college I read up on the history of the oppression the darksome woman chaser has faced. I wrote a paper on how I would level the playing field. However, I didn’t write about how I would wear barely a stitch of clothing or how I’d have my firm gazoo overspread by dental floss. As I paraded myself around the mean streets of L.A I was imagining all the obscene things I could do with some dark meat in my stable. I knew my body wouldn’t ever be the same since my taut little bawdy cleft has solely been used for small white knobs. It would be adore using a jackhammer to open up a walnut but I was looking forward to the mayhem I knew I had coming. I took a little time getting acquainted with those strong, hot darksome fellows. I wanted to click here their heads as I was about to rock their oppressed world. It is a nice thing I have strong legs ‘coz I was adept to keep a squating balance as my face was constantly housing bigger in size than typical dark dicks. My face was slapped with black dick and no set of firm black balls were off limitations. The juices flowing from my slit told me that I had to take in over THREE yards of dark shlong until I could not take it anymore. I adore to think I am the majority wonderful at draining darksome 10-Pounder but u tell me.
Trina Michaels Trina Michaels
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