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Hello Boys & Cuties! Welcome back to SpringWorld! 🙂 So…there’s been *lots* of e-mails asking to bring on new talent. Recent negroes. Fresh colored fellahs. You know there is rumors out there in my fan groups circulating that I do not read e-mails, and no thing could be farther from the truth. I adore reading all my e-mails, and all the posts everywhere, and make no doubt of me…I listen! I may not *reply* to everybody, but I listen. So I am on a darksome pecker hunt, and I am interviewing recent coloreds daily. This week’s update features Tyler, and lad, was this smooth operator a catch! (Oh expect! Did u watch me goofing off in some of the hirez stills? 🙂 After shout-outs to some of my loyal members, I get down to interviewing Tyler for my web page. This chab qualifies for length (just a hair short of 9") and that stud is a hair puller and loves to pound white snatch, so that stud is hired! 🙂 I guess you lads will love the end…instead of cum in my face (predictable) I make him jack his dark-skinned ding-dong on my desk, and I lap it up like a dog. Joy! In fact I had sooo much joy with Tyler I brought him back to my pad after the discharge and made him bonk me for the rest of the night! 🙂 Tee hee…I’m such a doxy! Well, until next week, XOXO — Spring.
Tyler Tyler
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