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Violet Monroe Violet Monroe
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Daddy’s always telling me that I’m selfish and not ever aid others in dire straits. With his words in my head I decided to improve race relations between whites and blacks. Could I volunteer for the N.A.A.C.P? Yeah, but that would take likewise much time. How about treating nine angry dark bucks to a feast with my cum-hole being the main course? I got dressed in garments that left no thing to the imagination and made my way to a location where the cops dare not enter. I was met with nine hung darksome knobs and went down the row whilst offering my mouth to every rigid pecker in my sights. I could not await to bend over the trash can and allow my soaking luscious love tunnel to be sacrificed for a greater cause. Each thrust of dark-skinned shlong brought me closer to an orgasm which rattled the walls. One after another I was coated with thick, gooey dark sex cream whilst wearing the titanic smile I have ever had. Dark Vigour is alive and well and if you don’t take my word for it then take a look at my twat which will never go back to its original shape.
Violet Monroe Violet Monroe
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